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Visitation Rights in Virginia

What defines visitation rights in Virginia?

After a divorce, the new state of the family can be hard on everyone involved. Children may not get to see or spend time with their parents, and parents may not get to do the same with their children. What defines visitation rights in Virginia? We will uncover that definition in this blog.

What Does Visitation in Virginia Entail?

By our own definition, visitation entails “the time that the non-custodial parent, or parent without primary physical custody, will have with the children.” Generally, visitation takes the form of routine visitation, holidays, and summers spent together. These can sometimes be infrequent and special occasions. In any and all cases, consistency is key. Schedules help us on a day to day basis in all aspects of life, and visitation schedules are no different.

Some Factors Affecting Visitation Rights in Virginia

The basic requirements for a valid visitation plan must take the following into consideration:

  • Should be focused on the child.
  • Uphold constant contact between the separated parents.
  • Ensure the dignity of all involved.
  • Assist the family in spending their time, money, and emotional energy positively.
  • Assure that the children are in healthy, non-abusive situations and environments all the time.

Other Factors Affecting Visitation Rights

Some other factors affecting determination of visitation rights in Virginia include the following:

  • Age and Developmental Needs of Each Child: What are specific physical needs that the children require (i.e. breast-feeding)? What about psychological needs? This factor considers how well the parents can address the children’s needs in these regards. However, expert opinion is also included. Therapists, school counselors, or other professionals that the children may see also have a say in this part of the process.
  • How Willing and Capable Both Parents Are of Abiding by Existing Court Orders: Can they do so? Will they? These are major questions guiding the development of this section of visitation planning.
  • The Logistics of Visitation Days: What about daycare, school schedules or extracurricular activities? No matter the age of the children, these logistics must be addressed as well. Appointments such as medical, psychological, and dental are factored into planning here, as is how transportation can be secured. How far would the children have to travel? How can the parents adjust their work schedules?
  • How “Special Days” will Affect the Visitation Schedule: Time spent together on school days, weekends, and holidays are supposed to be balanced fairly between the parents. Of course, this factor depends greatly upon geographical possibility. Another factor connected to this part of visitation is how special days that are not formal holidays will be planned.

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