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Tips for Avoiding Co-Parenting Conflicts During Back to School Events

Co-parenting certainly presents its challenges, and co-parenting conflicts will happen.

Co-parenting certainly presents its challenges, and co-parenting conflicts will happen. These can become especially apparent when it comes time to attend school events. You may not be in a place where you feel comfortable seeing your ex, and maybe even their new partner or spouse, and interacting with them, but at times it will be necessary for your child. Here are some tips to help you manage your emotions during what can be an unpleasant or awkward situation. 

Focus On Your Child, Not Your Ex

Co-parenting is all about working together for the sake of your child. Focus on your child and make sure that they see the pair of you behaving maturely and amicably in support of their sporting event, performance, award ceremony, or whatever it may be. If you cannot get along in public, take steps to avoid each other so you can support your child, rather than embarrass or distract them.

Develop Rules

Divorces are difficult, and if matters are fresh, or the pair of you are not in a place where you can put your emotions entirely aside, that is okay. It is, however, important to recognize this and plan for it so minimal damage is done to your child. It may be a good idea to set ground rules for events you both attend. These can include both of you agreeing to only discuss your child and no aspects of your personal lives. You might also choose to not sit near one another it all. If things are messy, you may want to choose to choose to alternate events whenever possible so you can avoid conflict.

Tire Yourself Out

If you and your ex push each other’s buttons in all of the wrong ways, and they make you stressed and angry, it may be a good idea to tire yourself out before having to see them in public. Get that aggression and anger out in a healthy way. Go for a run or exercise some other way to vent that anger in a healthier way before you see them. You may even be too tired to argue when you interact. However you can avoid co-parenting conflicts, go about it in a mature way.

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