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Hidden Assets in a Virginia Divorce

Hidden assets in a Virginia divorce are becoming increasingly common.

Hidden assets in a Virginia divorce are becoming increasingly common. Moreover, it would appear that such a financial aspect to the process of divorce is just as common as hiding assets during a marriage.

One organization, the National Endowment for Financial Education, found that 31% of American adults who pooled their assets with a spouse or partner admitted to being dishonest about their money. Within this percentage, 58% of those same adults admitted to hiding cash from their partner or spouse. So how can you find hidden assets during your Virginia divorce?

Here Are Some Ways to Find Hidden Assets

Subpoenas and Accounting: These are the most traditional methods of uncovering any hidden assets. If you are familiar with the financial institution that your spouse or partner uses, that can help you. Your attorney should be able to issue what is known as a document subpoena. The document subpoena serves as a request for both bank statements and canceled checks that institution might have handled for your spouse or partner.

Private Investigators: Another option to discover hidden assets is to hire private investigators. Services that private investigators can provide include following your spouse’s movements, collecting photographic evidence, and conducting so-called “skip searches” that can also reveal other types of information, such as criminal records. Beyond criminal records, skip searches can also reveal utility services, credit information, and licensing and titling transactions. The key to using this method, however, is knowing how to properly make use of the findings the private investigators accumulate.

Internet Searches or Using Public Record Searches: The Internet can be a surprising source of information. Some basic internet searching can tell you more about what your spouse or partner’s employment entails, their responsibilities, and their compensation and benefits. Free public record searches can address potential real estate or other business dealings.

Check Browser Histories and Social Media: These two methods are offshoots of Internet searches. Along with using search engines, you could always check on browser histories and social media accounts. A surprising amount of previously unknown information can be found out this way.

Professional Data Retrieval: Some kinds of computer data, thought to be “deleted” can be restored, collected, and analyzed by certain professional services.

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