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Designing a Child Custody Plan for the School Year

If you’re divorced or separated from your children’s other parent, designing a child custody plan for the new school year may feel like a daunting task.

As exciting as it can be for children when it’s time to go back to school, it can bring a lot of stress onto the parents. This stress isn’t just from shopping for uniforms and supplies. If you’re divorced or separated from your children’s other parent, designing a child custody plan for school may feel like a daunting task. However, as long as you and your ex-partner are communicative with each other and with your child, designing a child custody schedule should be a breeze. It is important to take consider several factors, the primary factor being your child’s school and extracurricular schedule.

Speak with Your Child First

As children get older and make more of their decisions themselves, you may find yourself with even more sports practices and music lessons to fit into your schedule. When designing your custody plan, you’ll have to decide where your child will begin and end their day. Discuss with your ex-partner who lives closer to the school, or has earlier work hours, or a more flexible schedule. If one person’s work schedule is too hectic during the week, you may want to consider weekend custody only. This condition means that one parent will take the children during the week, preparing them for the school day and bringing them home from their activities, as well as helping with homework and making dinner during the evenings, while the other partner takes them on the weekends when their work schedule allows. Whatever you choose, make sure that your child always has supervision available.

Consult with Your Attorney Next

If possible, get your arrangements in writing once you’ve agreed to them. You’ll want to make sure that you’ve considered all of the angles: each parent should get quality play time and quality growth time with the children. No one should be shouldering the entire responsibility of school work – for example, you could decide to stick to an alternate-week schedule, in which the children are at one parent’s house for one week, and the other’s for the next. If this isn’t feasible because of the distance between parents, consider a bi-weekly or the weekend schedule idea mentioned above. Then, bring your plan to your attorney. Be open to suggestions, but make sure the final decision sits well with both partners to minimize friction and resentment.

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