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  • How Leaving Your Children at Home Alone Can Influence Child Custody Cases

    In today’s society, it is not unusual for both parents to be working. The nature of the work can be part-time or full-time, but in both instances it means the parents are responsible for delegating childcare duties. Whatever else is… Read More

  • The Steps to Finalizing Uncontested Divorces in Virginia

    Once you and your spouse have agreed to end your marriage, what comes next? The divorce process can be long and exhausting, and even after the waiting period to initiate proceedings ends, there’s still much work to do. Moreover, there… Read More

  • Are Advanced Medical Directives Valid in Virginia?

    When it comes to estate planning, one crucial but potentially little-known aspect is the advanced medical directive. Advanced medical directives are indeed valid in Virginia, and are the topic of this week’s installment of the blog. Please keep reading to… Read More

  • Child Custody in Virginia

    Separation and divorce can cause enough upheaval in a family’s life already. But one important question arises for both spouses involved in a divorce: “Can I keep custody of our children?” In this blog, we will explore the answers to… Read More

  • Hidden Assets in a Virginia Divorce

    Hidden assets in a Virginia divorce are becoming increasingly common. Moreover, it would appear that such a financial aspect to the process of divorce is just as common as hiding assets during a marriage. One organization, the National Endowment for… Read More

  • Adultery in Virginia Divorces: Is It A Crime?

    Adultery is a common reason for filing for divorce. But when it comes to adultery in Virginia divorces, is it also a crime? That question should be asked when initiating divorce proceedings. This edition of the blog will focus on… Read More

  • Custody and Support Provisions in a Separation: When Are They Unenforceable?

    Custody and support provisions are matters commonly broached by couples looking to separate or divorce. More specifically, they typically bring these matters up with their lawyers. However, there are times when custody and support provisions in a separation agreement are… Read More

  • Consider These Financial Steps Before Divorce

    Divorce can be an expensive proposition. Not only is it expensive in terms of money, it can also be expensive in terms of time and emotional energy. In this week’s blog we will focus in on the financial steps to… Read More

  • Establishing a Date of Separation for a Virginia Divorce

    Not all marriages have a happily ever after. Sadly, many marriages crumble for various reasons, among them infidelity, cruelty and abuse, or just separation. Establishing a date of separation for a Virginia divorce can be difficult, but it is also… Read More

  • How Do You Approach Child Support in Virginia?

    Child support in Virginia is determined by numerous factors. Some of these factors include the following: the needs of the child (physical, emotional, and educational), earning potential and ability of both parents, and the age and health status of the… Read More